Branding Photography – Nathalie & Mike

Todays blog post is a few images from Nathalie and Mike’s recent lifestyle portrait session.

I first met Nathalie several years ago when I went for Chiropractic treatment for a bad back. I had tried various different options but nothing really seemed to be helping. Nathalie works using the McTimoney chiropractic method which is focused on the speed of the adjustment rather than the force and is therefore is a very gentle approach. It is amazing the difference that can be made and how much better you can feel from this treatment!!  So when she got in touch with me to say she was looking for some branding images photographs for her new website I was more than happy to get time organised.

Nathalie owns a property in France, which she has been working hard, along with Mike, to turn into a wonderful retreat. Panquere is a beautiful chalet in Castelnau-Magnoac, in the Hautes-Pyrenees in the South-West of France where you can go on retreat to give yourself time and space to rebalance your mind, body and spirit through yoga, chiropractic treatments and massage amongst others. (I mean, how good does that sound in todays crazy busy life!)

For their images they wanted something clean and simple, and so we didn’t worry about complicated set ups  – simple and classic is definitely best!

Portrait Photography for personal branding

Black and white personal branding portrait


Colour head and shoulders portrait of a man

Black and white branding photography

Lifestyle portrait - couple black and white

Colour portrait of a couple

Lifestyle photography - colour portraits

For more information on Panquere availability and details of the retreats available make sure that you hop on over to their new website and have a look around.

If you would like branding images for your website or marketing please feel free to get in touch and we can talk in more detail about what your brand and how to best represent you and your style.


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