Family Portrait Photography – Livia & Alex

I love family portrait photography sessions – especially when it means I get to revisit clients! Just over two years ago I did a portrait session with Alex at her home in Rhu, Argyll. I captured some fabulous pictures of this gorgeous girl. She really enjoyed being a model so her big smile was definitely in evidence! I recently went back to catch up with her again and this time her little sister Livia was there too. My goal was to capture more of those beautiful smiles and they did not let me down!

Alex has grown up so much from my last visit – but she still has the same gorgeous big eyes. She also still wanted her favourite teddy to be in the pictures with her! 

Family Portrait Photography session image of a smiling young girl lying on a furry rug with her teddy bear

Black and white portrait of a girl sitting with her toys during a family portrait sessionOne of the main benefits of having a family portrait photography session at home is that everyone is more comfortable in a familiar environment. This is especially true for children. At home it is possible to take a little more time and allow everyone to get used to my camera. This normally means better photographs!

Livia initially seemed a little bit wary – however, this did not last very long.

black and white family portrait Photograph of young girl at home

Portrait of a young girl in flower dress and wool waistcoat during a family portrait session

Although we has some serious expressions from Alex, we got lots of laughs too.

serious portrait of a young girl sitting with her teddy bear

black and white portrait of young girl laughing

Livia is a wee bundle of energy and likes to be doing something all the time. When I was shooting she went from jumping with Paddington, to playing with her sister and favourite toys, to singing Baby Shark! Family Portrait image of young girl sticking her tonight out while sitting with familyyoung girl jumping with her teddy bear during a family portrait session
Black and white portrait of a young girl looking away from camera family portrait candid photograph of young girl playing black and white headshot of young girl smiling away from camera during a family portrait session Portrait of a young girl smiling during a family portrait photography black and white portrait of a young girl in profile portrait photograph of a young girl close up Family Portrait photograph of young girl resting her head on her hands

If you enjoyed Alex and Livia’s session and would like some more ideas for your own photography session then please do hop over to my Portfolio and have a look around. Or, if you would like more information on family portrait photography sessions and how we could capture your family please drop me a line and let me know what you are looking for – whether its an at home session or on location we can make it happen! 

Lorna x

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