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Making the most of your family photography session

Thinking about booking family photography in Ayrshire, Glasgow (or anywhere else for that matter!) can seem a little bit daunting. Co-ordinating for the whole family normally results in lots of questions – where do we have the session? how do we decide what to wear? do we need to know anything about posing? what do we do if it rains? (it is Scotland after all!)

When you book family photography with me I always tell people not to worry – it’s part of my job to answer these questions, minimise nerves and ensure that you get images from the day that everyone loves!

However, there are a few things you can do in advance  to really make the most of your time in front of the camera.

Family photography in Lanarkshire


Pick a location that is relevant to you and your family! A favourite park? Your local funfair?

Scottish family photographer portrait of a young girl

Do you spend every Saturday at a museum? Or enjoy a Sunday morning coffee at your favourite cafe? Maybe you live in the town and want to spend a morning at the beach or vice versa? The possibilities are endless!

Family Photography in the city

Family Photography at Ayrshire beach

The main thing is a location that you are comfortable in – if you are city based and love to get dressed up and visit a fabulous restaurant then heading the country to fight the midges probably isn’t your thing.

black and white country portrait of couple with their dog for a scottish family photography session

If you love a good walk through the mud through the glorious Scottish hillside you may be uncomfortable pulling on a fancy dress and heels or a  suit. If you are comfortable you will be relaxed…..and the best pictures happen when everyone is relaxed!


Think about styling in advance of your session. What is your normal style? Are you a jeans and trainers type of person, or maybe a boho chic family, do you love the chance to put on your favourite threads and go out?

The main thing for your session is co-ordination. Talk to everyone before hand and agree what you want to achieve…….one person in a Tux and someone in a onesie won’t really work!

Extended family photography session including dogsOnce you have agreed on your style think about co-ordination – everyone doesn’t have to look the same! But every outfit should complement. For example smart jeans and a t-shirt can look great but do make sure colours co-ordinate – hot pink and bright green are going to clash. Some one in spots and another person in stripes will give you sore eyes!

Think complementary shades – autumn is great for lots of oranges, browns and greens.

Autumn family portraits - photography session in Lanark

Summer is fab for brights.

Summer Family photography in KilmarnockTo ensure that your photograph doesn’t date I would avoid colourful t-shirts with prints and logos, or anything that is very ‘in’ at the moment. Whatever you wear make sure its clean and ironing so there are no distracting creases that draw the eye.

There are no rules when it comes to styling for your session as long as you are comfortable (Are you seeing a trend here?!) Pinterest has lots of ideas if you are looking inspiration!


This isn’t your worry – this is my job! So relax and forget about it. On the day I will guide you to make sure we get the best poses, from how to stand, what to do with your hands and how to avoid that double chin. And don’t worry…..your eyes WILL NOT be shut in every picture – PROMISE!


So….this is Scotland… may rain! If the weather is going to spoil the day I will always rearrange. But sometimes it is worth getting out there anyway! During the session we could splash in the puddles or dance with umbrellas. You can wrap up warm and play in the snow if you like! As long as the whole family are enjoying their time in front of the camera you will leave with images you love. 

winter portrait of a baby girl

On the Day

Finally the other question I get “I am worried my children won’t behave” If you have younger children they might cry, throw a tantrum, or want to go off and play for a bit … and that’s OK. I’m capturing your family as they are at this very moment, and what 2-year-old doesn’t act like a 2-year-old on occasion — tears and all!

I hope this helps if you are considering booking some time for family photography in Ayrshire.  If you would see more examples from my favourite sessions please have a look at my portfolio page, and for styling inspiration pop over to Pinterest!

And, of course, if you would like to talk over your ideas, or get more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lorna x

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